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Frequenctly Asked Questions


Q: Will I need to purchase any hardware or equipment?

No. Our system is SaaS (Software as a Service) and therefore requires no hardware beyond a PC with an Internet connection and a browser. It's that simple.


Q: How long do it take to get up and running?

Once terms are all agreed and you have provided all the required information, it should then take a couple of working days. Any customisation can either be carried out before or after go-live.


Q: Will I be given training or a training manual?

Yes. Before go-live we give you the option of on-site training (location permitting) or train-the-trainer training via our remote training tools. We will also provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to use the system.


Q: Is it expensive?

No. We charge a small monthly fee and offer discounts for bi-annual and annual fees paid in advance. The system will create savings so the cost benefit in terms of saved man-hours and increased capacity is over and above the fees.


Q: What if the my Internet connection goes down?

No problem. We advise our customers to make sure they are with a reliable broadband service before they go-live. We also advise that at least one laptop or PC with a USB broadband dongle is present as a backup. In this day and age there are many more businesses relying on broadband than ever before so the reliability of services are improving every day. We estimate, on average all users have 99% uptime.


Q: Can I export to my accounts package?

Yes. We support most accounts packages such as Sage Line 50, TAS, Quickbooks, etc. Other custom extracts can be generated to accommodate other programs that need special file formats.


Q: Can I scan signatures and dockets?

Yes. But this does require extra hardware such as a suitable mutli-sheet feed scanner. There are small additional costs involved also, but it is not expensive. We also can recommend 3rd party scanning via one of our partners.





What our clients say...

"We can't believe how much easier this makes our jobs. Without it we couldn't get all our customer deliveries done so quickly."
CA Dispatcher
"We didn't need to buy any expensive hardware, and we were up running in week!
Now we can access the same information from any location at any time!"
Regional Courier Firm